Turning nucleic acids into a disease-fighting force.

Today our clinical development efforts are focused on advancing targeted therapies around certain cancers for which limited treatments exist for patients—with the intention of unlocking new targets and applications for our medicines along the way. We believe that focusing within this therapeutic category enables us to better continue to drive forward on the path to delivering solutions for patients. We are committed to the patients we hope to help, as well as our investigators and partner companies.

To do this, we’re using our technology platform: toll-like receptor (TLR) immune modulation based on our pioneering nucleic acid science.

  • Oncology

    We are developing our toll-like receptor agonist, tilsotolimod (IMO-2125) to treat certain solid tumors such as melanoma. We aim to dramatically improve the outcomes for patients suffering from these cancers. We are also developing our third-generation antisense platform and assessing it for oncology targets.